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The Walmart Moms Speak About Politics

It isn’t hard to find plenty of evidence as to why this election is so close, why voters are apprehensive about both their own futures and the country’s. Whether it’s watching live video of two focus groups with “Walmart moms” in Richmond, Va., and Las Vegas by a bipartisan pair of pollsters, or reading a report to clients from a Wall Street research firm on the economic hardship during this election year, it’s clear that the economic pain is real and concerns about the future are deeply held.

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Fresh produce at a Walmart store

By developing the unused property at Yale and Koehler, we can:

  • Build a custom-designed Walmart that will fit in with the neighborhood
  • Provide basic services like grocery and pharmacy to residents inside the loop
  • Create 300 new jobs
  • Generate an average of $870,000 in needed sales tax revenues that add new dollars to our city
  • Make a significant investment in our community
  • Help all of Houston